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Young Adults 

Therapy for College Students and Young Adults in New York State


Are you feeling lost and unsure of yourself? Maybe you just finished college and are asking yourself, “shouldn’t I feel more prepared than this?” You want to flourish but have no idea where to start. 

Adulting is hard!

Or, maybe you've been out of college for quite some time and are feeling pressured to meet the societal expectations and milestones associated with being in your 30s. Being in the "real world" doesn't feel as great as you hoped it would!





Young adulthood (18-35 years) is such a transitional phase of life full of ups and downs. It's not easy trying to find your place in the world, your people and your purpose all at the same time. Together, we will navigate the changes and fluctuations that come along with this phase of life. I specialize in supporting millennial and Gen Z clients who are moving through this challenging development stage. 


I help college students and young adults in New York State with:


  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Academic Stress and Career Planning

  • Life Transitions and Traumatic Experiences

  • Self Exploration and Identity Formation

  • Body Image and Relationship with Food

  • Relationship and Friendship Challenges

  • Family of Origin Conflict



If you are a college student or young adult in New York State, I am able to meet with you virtually via HIPAA-compliant Telehealth technology.

Ready to schedule your 15 minute consultation?





How Can I Help?

What to Expect

We will start with a brief phone consultation. If we are a good fit, we will set up an initial assessment, lasting a full hour. After that, sessions are 45-50 minutes in length. Sessions can take place virtually or in person depending on your location and availability.​

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