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Are you looking to change jobs?

Ready to kick off your career?

Overwhelmed about where to begin?


You’re in the right place. Navigating young adulthood and finding your place in the world can be so difficult. If you're feeling lost, you're not alone. I offer career coaching for emerging adults (18-30 years old) looking to launch their career, switch jobs and/or start small businesses.


What is “coaching”?

Coaching is a forward focused and goal-oriented methodology. Unlike psychotherapy, coaching is not diagnostic or psychoanalytic. It is also more future focused rather than retrospective.


In our work together, we will identify and challenge any obstacles or limiting beliefs that may be getting in the way of you fulfilling your ambitions. I'll give you the building blocks to help you create structure, implement time management strategies and pinpoint specific goals. Each session, we will set actionable steps related to the change you wish to make.


Together, we will establish a plan to aid you in moving forward. My coaching work is trauma informed, incorporating journal prompts, guided meditations and other tools into session. Let's dream up the career - and the life - that you want. 

Ready to schedule your free 15 minute consultation?


Contact me via phone or email! I offer virtual coaching across the US and Canada. My fee per coaching session ranges from $100-$125. 

How It Works

First, we will set up an initial appointment to determine your goals and priorities. After that, you have the option to do a 6-week or a12-week coaching package.
Each session is 60 minutes in length and takes place over phone or Zoom.


"Annie and I set up a coaching session to help me create a daily routine. I had just moved to a new area, was looking for a job, and COVID-19 made it difficult to get out into the world. As I explained all this to Annie, she was able to help me categorize my priorities and list out ways to spend my time without feeling overwhelmed, or guilty for taking time for self care. We made lists of jobs to look for and she helped me feel confident about networking in the education field. She continued to check in with me after our coaching session about once a week. She validated my feelings, and made a safe space for me to share my struggles while providing realistic solutions."

-Lindsey K.

Coaching Client

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